I’ve always had problems when I take any time off work – I end up going out and beating the living hell out of my bank balance buying all manner of things I wouldn’t be buying if I’d just gone to work.

Today on a routine visit to a superstore I find myself buying a set of knives. Not just any knives though – Global knives, which are all sharp and pointy and made by Japanese people. The price was too good to refuse; at about 60% of the cost of buying them online it would have been rude not to.

Global Knives Box

Knives are good because you can use them for all sorts of things, including but not limited to;

1.) Cutting.
2.) Slicing.
3.) Stabbing.

I probably wont do any of 3.) if I’m honest, it’s not really my scene. I do like a bit of cheese though so 2.) will be fairly common.


I should hope so too, with what they cost if they aren’t sharp then I’ll be pretty annoyed.

I’d like to say I’m some sort of gifted chef and need to spend sick amounts of cash on knives but this would be a big fat lie. I’ll use these for cutting bits of cheese and avocados in half and that’s about it. But all the time I’ll feel like I’m Gordon Ramsey or Heston Blumenthal.

Global Knives

All these knives apparently have a specific function but in reality I have no idea what those functions are so I’ll chop away with whatever random one I lay my hands on.

Global Knives

Global Knives

Anyway I’ll lay off the pictures of knives now for fear of looking like some sort of total psycho.