Best pun ever, because I’m taking photos and have to focus, and the car I am photographing is a Focus, and I’m very drunk and finding it hard to focus.

In the style of an episode of a mediocre US TV series, flash back 24 hours. Richard sends me a text message as he needs me to take some pictures of his Ford Focus RS before he sells it, and I’m happy to oblige, so I scrawl some notes in my journal in what is possibly the least preparation I’ve done for a car shoot since I started the whole journal affair.

My Booky Wook

Fast forward to lunchtime the next day and I find myself at a barbeque at a friends house. Naturally as it’s one of the first half decent days weather of the year I start swilling beer and eat a load of meat and get some nice sunburn, before rolling home in time to do a photoshoot.

So to recap;

1.) Not enough preparation
2.) Full to the brim with beer and meat.
3.) Sunburn

It was never going to result in the best photographs ever but I did get a chance to use my new radio flash triggers and they are a definite improvement on the optical ones, although the range is still a bit lacking, which was a disappointment.

I rolled around on the grass firing away and got about 70 odd shots which I’ll no doubt whittle down to about one that I don’t totally hate.

My flashes went off most times I wanted them to though – woo!

Ford Focus RS,  flash test