Please forgive the title of this post – if it’s any consolation it hurts when I read it as well.

As well as a mountain of 120 slide film, I also just got back a roll of 35mm Ilford XP2 black and white film which I had put in my Lomo Fisheye 2 about 6 months ago. Results were less than impressive – in my (albeit brief) experience the fisheye image format really only works at all in a limited number of circumstances and even less when using black and white film.

First, 36 exposures is too many for a single roll of film as you can’t know whether the speed rating of the film is appropriate for all the conditions you’ll be shooting in. In this case, XP2 at 400iso simply wasn’t sensitive enough for most of the pictures I took, as I appear to have shot half the roll indoors. For indoor work I was using my Nikon SB600 flash in the hotshoe, but they are all still underexposed. ISO800 with flash might work.

Out of 36 exposures, at least 10 are simply blank. User error I fear. Of the rest, only a handful are even remotely interesting, and even that is probably stretching the definition of interesting a bit.

Nonetheless I’ll press on and share them here anyway, because quite frankly, I can. Click on each of these to make them all big and that.

Lomo Fisheye black and white Lomo Fisheye black and white Lomo Fisheye black and white

Lomo Fisheye black and white Lomo Fisheye black and white

So what’s next for the fisheye? Dunno to be honest. I’m not really getting the level of enjoyment out of it that I am the Holga and I’ve been spoiled by the lovely big 120 film images so find the tiddly 35mm negatives a bit underwhelming all round. I’ll whack a 24 exposure roll of colour film in it next and see what transpires.