…here we go! My good buddy Andy Hoskins recently got through to the final six in a competition to DJ at the closing party on the Terrace at Space in Ibiza. Anyone who knows anything at all about dance music will know this is a huge deal. And I mean huge. Go Andy!!! Woo!!

Andy is “old skool” which means he plays actual vinyl records on record players with needles and tonearms and all that malarky. Once upon a time I tried to be a superstar DJ and failed, becoming at best a modestlyoknotastar DJ.

It’s nice then for me to see my number one bum chum Andy achieving success, although he’s a dad now which begs the question how can he be a cool big time DJ and be a dad, when dads are not cool. Except for “daddy cool” who Boney M did a song about. He was cool.

You can listen to his winning mix here Andy Hoskins @ We Love.

Good luck Andy, don’t forget me when you are fame-arse!