I wanted to revisit the interior shots of my Ignis because I figured I could do better than the last time. The question is, how do you make the inside of a car look interesting? “Good lighting” I hear you say, but you are wrong. The correct answer is fill it with attractive, lightly oiled naked ladies. The problem with this plan is that I am repellent to almost all ladies, naked or otherwise. Just ask my wife.

With a dearth of sartorially challenged female models, and with it being dark outside, I could only manage this;


If this doesn’t excite you, then you need to see a doctor, because you can’t possibly be alive. Check your pulse.

Apropo of nothing, today I also spent some money on yet more camera gear. This time I have to wait for my purchases to be shipped over from America, so I probably wont get them till next week – watch this space, all will be revealed…

My wallet hurts.