Roll numbers 3 and 4 from the Holga< are with us, and it’s mixed results. The first roll was Kodak Portra ISO400, and came out quite well. The second roll was Fuji Provia ISO100 slide film – and here lies my problem. I rushed out and bought 30 odd rolls of cheap 120 slide film on ebay, then realised my local lab can’t process slide film… Oops.

They offered to cross process the film, which involves processing the E6 film in C41 chemicals, and can apparently give interesting results. In my case they just all came out green! On the plus side they are at least in focus, so I’m making progress!

A sneaky black and white conversion and they are rescued from the bin, but as they are all a bit underexposed, they’ve taken on a Ingmar Bergman look, which I quite like in a desolate and moody kind of way.

The colour pier, and the photo of Wilf the dog are from the Kodak 400 film, the others are all from the Fuji Provia 100.

You can click on any of these to rebigulate them!

Clevedon Pier,  Holga style Clevedon Pier,  Holga style A Tree,  Holga style

Clevedon Pier,  Holga style Clevedon Pier,  Holga style Wilf the Dog,  Holga style