So apparently I am an idiot, and it’s not called 120mm film as I’ve put below, but rather simply 120 film. I feel such a cretin.I took another roll of 120 film in for processing today, and was told the shop didn’t have the facilities to process it. I said perhaps they should tell that to the other girl who processed it for me last Friday in one hour for £3.

They took the film and said could I come back tomorrow when the other girl was working. OK…

Watch this space, I took three frames with the lens cap on, and when my wife handed the camera back to me after holding it the back was open, so I don’t have high hopes for what’s going to come out this time!

Fun this film lark be.

On an unrelated note, I took some pics of a VX220 Turbo. Following on from when I took my Ignis there a week or so ago, this is from beach shoot v2.0.

VX220 Turbo