I scanned in my 120mm film from the Holga last night, and the results were… shall we say… mixed. Hectic vignetting, and light leaks abound.

Holga - Exit Left

Holga - View from Clevedon Promenade

It seems the Holga can’t focus any closer than about 80 centimeters from the lens, unfortunately more than half of what I shot was closer than this, so none of them are in focus. It doesn’t help that you can’t actually see through the lens to know if the photo you are taking is in focus – it’s all guess work. So you end up with stuff like this:

Holga - Flowers

Sort of nice in an abstract way, but a huge departure from the clinical accuracy of my D200, and one I think I’ll struggle to get used to. I’ll whack another roll of film in and see how it goes this time.