More Holga antics

Roll numbers 3 and 4 from the Holga< are with us, and it’s mixed results. The first roll was Kodak Portra ISO400, and came out quite well. The second roll was Fuji Provia ISO100 slide film – and here lies my problem. I rushed out and bought 30 odd rolls of cheap 120 slide film on ebay, then realised my local lab can’t process slide film… Oops.

They offered to cross process the film, which involves processing the E6 film in C41 chemicals, and can apparently give interesting results. In my case they just all came out green! On the plus side they are at least in focus, so I’m making progress!

A sneaky black and white conversion and they are rescued from the bin, but as they are all a bit underexposed, they’ve taken on a Ingmar Bergman look, which I quite like in a desolate and moody kind of way.

The colour pier, and the photo of Wilf the dog are from the Kodak 400 film, the others are all from the Fuji Provia 100.

You can click on any of these to rebigulate them!

Clevedon Pier,  Holga style Clevedon Pier,  Holga style A Tree,  Holga style

Clevedon Pier,  Holga style Clevedon Pier,  Holga style Wilf the Dog,  Holga style

The end

Skull poet

A trip to Clevedon Pier gave me the chance to try out a 360 degree panoramic. I’ve never managed to do a good one of these before, I think this one is ok, but far from perfect. Click on the image for the full effect, it’s a big one!

Clevedon Pier, panoramic style

Also we encountered what I can only describe as a Skull Poet. Greater minds than mine will no doubt know this is some quote rather than an original work. I took a picture anyway, and that’s that.

Skull Poet,  graffiti stencil

But I couldn’t argue, and  just stirred my tea.

The end

Boing! Springtime (and some Daily Rage)

Spring has sprung, at least as far as I am concerned it has and I will entertain no further discussion on the topic. I bid adieu to the winter, and so do these flowers, daffodils, or ‘yellow ones’ as they are more accurately known.



The Daily Rage

On an unrelated note, my pal JJ has started a blog, with words and ideas and everything. You can read The Daily Rage by clicking using your mouse. This will bring his words over the internet and into your eyes. You want to.

The end

Holga progress… of a sort

Three updates in three days – I really am spoiling you all. In fact with this update, I have now done more updates this year than in the entire of 2007!


So roll number two of 120 film out of the Holga came back from processing, and seems to be an improvement over the first attempt. I think using 400 ISO film instead of 100 ISO made a lot of difference, that and the fact I’ve learnt what the different focal distances are (boring).

So on to the results. Click on any of the images below to re-bigulate them in a very sexy way.

The Beach,  Holga style VX220 Turbo,  Holga style Sand Dune,  Holga style

VX220 Turbo,  Holga style The Beach,  Holga style Flowers,  Holga style

The end

VX220 Turbo

So apparently I am an idiot, and it’s not called 120mm film as I’ve put below, but rather simply 120 film. I feel such a cretin.I took another roll of 120 film in for processing today, and was told the shop didn’t have the facilities to process it. I said perhaps they should tell that to the other girl who processed it for me last Friday in one hour for £3.

They took the film and said could I come back tomorrow when the other girl was working. OK…

Watch this space, I took three frames with the lens cap on, and when my wife handed the camera back to me after holding it the back was open, so I don’t have high hopes for what’s going to come out this time!

Fun this film lark be.

On an unrelated note, I took some pics of a VX220 Turbo. Following on from when I took my Ignis there a week or so ago, this is from beach shoot v2.0.

VX220 Turbo

The end

Holga v1.0

I scanned in my 120mm film from the Holga last night, and the results were… shall we say… mixed. Hectic vignetting, and light leaks abound.

Holga - Exit Left

Holga - View from Clevedon Promenade

It seems the Holga can’t focus any closer than about 80 centimeters from the lens, unfortunately more than half of what I shot was closer than this, so none of them are in focus. It doesn’t help that you can’t actually see through the lens to know if the photo you are taking is in focus – it’s all guess work. So you end up with stuff like this:

Holga - Flowers

Sort of nice in an abstract way, but a huge departure from the clinical accuracy of my D200, and one I think I’ll struggle to get used to. I’ll whack another roll of film in and see how it goes this time.

The end
120 film

120 film, done.

I just finished my first roll of 120mm film in my holga… It’s been dropped off to be developed, and I’ll get it back later today… Will the photos be an artistic tour de force, or totally crap? Watch this space, once I’ve had a chance to scan them in we’ll know one way or the other!

120mm film

The end