Over christmas I was privileged to be the temporary custodian of “TransporTed“, who having flown all over the world over the last year was welcomed into the warm bosom of Weston-super-Mare for Christmas.

Ted’s globe trotting adventures are recorded by photographers, and put on his website, with the ultimate aim of him being auctioned for charity. If you view the site, you can see that he’s been to some very exotic locations, which have been captured by some gifted photographers. My particular favourite is the Mount Fuji image from Japan.

This meant the pressure was on for me to produce a masterpiece. I didn’t. Here’s an out-take:


Bottom line – Ted is very small. Tiny. This makes it difficult to get any kind of context to a photo and stil be able to see that Ted is in the picture. The second issue is that Ted is a diva. The little punk thinks he’s it just because he’s been all over the World and met famous people and stuff, and Weston-super-Mare bought him down to earth with a bump.

In any case, the picture of Ted is resplendent on his site, so there.

In other news, I’ve got a new car, which I wont put up a picture of yet, and also I finished the OMG Hair and Beauty Salon website which I’m only linking here to get it listed on search engines, how very dull.