A Scanner, darkly

Another lump of hard earned cash goes out and I now have a huge scanner sat on my desk. It’s a hulking brooding presence reminding me at all times that I waste money. I did scan in the first film results from my Fisheye2 though, so it’s not all bad news.

Film scan from Fisheye2

Seems at my wedding party I was waving the camera around like a loon, with very few results worthy of mention… For those that care, it’s shot using Fuji Provia 400ISO colour film. I’ve now shoved a roll of Ilford B&W film in there to see how that goes.

The end
holga 120 CFN

Holgas and Fisheyes and Film, oh my!

Seduced by glamorous packaging I left the USA £70 lighter in my wallet and my luggage heavier to the tune of two(!!) new cameras. These use something called film which sounds much more exciting than it really is. Anyway I present to you my Holga 120 CFN medium format thingy and also my Lomo fisheye2 35mm fisheye camera. Holga 120cfn

Lomo Fisheye2

The problems here are twofold. 1.) Film costs loads to process and takes ages. 2.) I have to buy a scanner to scan them in to my computer.

Someone should invent a camera that records images in a format that you can open instantly on your computer. It could be called a digitalisifier.

The end