Phaeton, monster.

June the 18th since the last update, obviously that doesn’t actually matter since only about 1 person reads this website, everyone else is just looking for the pictures of parties and weddings. So I weep quietly over my keyboard because no-body cares what I have to say, angst and sorrow fill my life.

Enough whining, anyone would think I am a 15 year old boy with long hair and a stoop, and a desperate desire to emulate Kurt Cobain on the guitar. Here’s a picture I took the other day of my mate’s new car, it’s an environment destroying 5 litre V10 diesel, helping to contribute to that whole man made global warming stuff I keep hearing about.

Tuan's Phaeton

In addition to being a gas guzzler the owner also kills animals and likes to scare small children. Those are lies. Let’s look at another photograph, it’s much better than reading the rubbish I spew out onto these pages.

Tuan's Phaeton

The end